12th International Conference on Railway Bogies and Running Gears

2022-09-05 —


to be held between 5 and 8 September, 2022 in Budapest, Hungary, hosted by the Section of Rolling Stock at the Hungarian Scientific Society of Mechanical Engineers (SSME), at the Danubius Hotel Hungaria, Budapest.

About the conference

You are kindly invited to participate in the

to be held between 5 and 8 September, 2022 in Budapest, Hungary, hosted by the Section of Rolling Stock at the Hungarian Scientific Society of Mechanical Engineers (SSME), at the Danubius Hotel Hungaria, Budapest.

The Scope Of the conference

This twelfth Conference (from the first, every BOGIE Conference was held in Budapest from the Year 1989 with a recurring cycle of three years) will cover topics related to research, development, design, manufacturing and operation of the most sophisticated mechanical units of railway vehicles: the bogies and the running gears.

The Aim Of the conference

is to offer an opportunity for the specialists in the field from all over the World to present results of their activities, both the very latest results and results achieved over the last 3 years. The Conference will also enable participants to become acquainted with the work of others, to promote further development by means of discussion and comments, and to profit from making new personal contacts. Overall the Conference will help to define new directions for future technical research and development.


The official language of the Conference is English.


The opportunity is offered to exhibit models, photos and documentations of products, technologies and know-how for publicity purposes.





Accommodation should individually be arranged by the participants.
The organisers have made discounted reservation possibilities for accommodation for the time span 5 – 8 September 2022 in the Danubius Hotel Hungaria, the venue of the Conference as follows:

Room type
Single-bed room/night
Double-bed room/night
Standard Room
€ 145
€ 156
Superior Room
€ 155
€ 165

e-mail for reservation: noemi.farago@danubiushotels.com

In your order at the Hotel, please indicate BOGIE ’22.
Please note that all accommodation prices include breakfast and the discount accommodation prices are only available by 5th August 2022.


The 40 papers to be lectured in the Oral Sessions, and the maximum 20 papers to be exhibited in the Poster Session will be selected by the International Scientific Committee from among the paper offers received. After the lectures the participants will be free to ask questions or to make comments.

List of accepted article abstracts

1st Author
Lajos Borbás Dr.
Péter Ficzere Dr.
Investigation of the pressing process of railway wheels using photostress analysis
Tomás Michálek
Martin Kohout, Jiří Šlapák, Jakub Vágner, Jan Pulda, Jan Táborský, Martin Králík
Experimental measurement and simulation of running resistance of container trains
Róbert Csépke
Analysis of tram rail-wheel contact geometry in Hungarian country-side
Dipl.-Ing. Karl Tillmetz
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Martin Cichon
Safety against derailment of rack railways with special consideration of helix twist of track
Miklós Krémer
New Bogie construction requirements considering advanced brake functions
Anna Nagy
László Kovács, Dr. Tamás Turcsán, László Takács
Computer aided fatigue analysis and validation of a welded bogie structure
Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Kolbe
From instability to low frequency body motion – Contact geometry versus design of the vehicle
Prof. András Szabó
Simple model and computation procedure of the starting and stopping of the railway wheel
Mr. Jan Chvojan, Ph.D.
Strength verification of dynamically stressed components of rolling stocks outside the mainstream activities of Dynamic Testing Laboratory VZU Plzen
Zoltán Zábori
Investigation of a Derailment Process of a Railway Wheelset Considering the Effect of the Track Supporting Stiffness
Sergey V. Myamlin
Nikolay Mankevich
Development of the design of freight car bogies for different tracks
Sergey V. Myamlin
Frantisek Bures
Development of universal railway bogies for autonomous traction modules
Máté M. Szűcs
Zoltán Zábori
Comparative study of energy losses from wheel-rail contact and primer suspension running on straight track, transition curves and curved tracks
Om Prakash Yadav
Ravi Kumar, Nalinaksh S. Vyas, Manu Bhatia
A feasibility study on condition monitoring of railway disc brake system
Christian Buzzi
Andreas Dutzler, Tobias Faethe, Johannes Lassacher, Martin Leitner, Franz-Josef Weber
Development of a tool for estimating the characteristic curves of rubber-metal parts
Gábor Németh
Jochen Marx, Franz-Josef Weber
Prisma SinusJet Gen 3.0 High-Speed Wheelset Testing. First Experiences and Outlook
Ravi Kumar
Om Prakash Yadav, Manish Pandey, Nalinaksh S. Vyas
Suspension failure detection in railway bogies using artifical neural network
Francesco Mazzeo
Francesco Mazzeo, Matteo Santelia, Giorgio Confalonieri, Michele Vignati, Stefano Melzi
Multi-body analysis of a brake rigging mechanism of a freight train
Xin Ding
Helmut Netter, Gang Chen, Qiang Sun, Xianwei Cao, Bernd Markert
Research of the aerodynamic load influence on the car-body hunting motion of high-speed train
Prasaenna Ranganathan
Christian Schindler
An Unconventional Roller Test-rig for the Investigation of Rolling Contact Fatigue and Wear Phenomena in Railway Wheels and Rails
Patrick Schneider
Ina Stratmann, Marcel Wegener, Paul Schneider, Christian Schindler
Identification and parameterization of wear mechanisms by scattered light measurments on a single-wheel roller test rig
Péter Ferencz
Martin Schuck
Analysis aspects of vertical dynamics model implementation into simulation methods to assess influences of secondary suspension system anomalies on wheel profile wear
Pascal Gil
Martin Rakowitsch, Christian Schindler
Experimental Investigation on the Formation of Railway Wheel Polygonisation
Shota Ito
Takahiro Fujimoto, Daisuke Shinagawa, Yoshiyuki Shimokawa, Hideki Minami, Osamu Kondo, Gaku Iokibe, Junichi Nakagawa
Development of a bogie frame monitoring system using a stress estimation method
Taizo Makino
Takanori Kato, Shoichi Hasegawa, Yosuke Yamazaki, Satoshi Kikko, Yoshiyuki Shimokawa
Partial safety factor based estimation method of the fatigue life and failure probability of welds in railway bogie frames
Tamás Demus
Estimation of input data for dynamic simulations based on field measurement data

The Organising Committee would like to encourage an international exchange of information, ideas and solutions to practical problems in the following topics:



05 September 2022 (Monday)
06 September 2022 (Tuesday)
07 September 2022 (Wednesday)
08 September 2022 (Thursday)

The BOGIE’22 Conference Organising Committee keeps the right to change the Conference Program.


BOGIE '22 Conference Leaders List

The Conference Presidency

Prof. András SZABÓ (Hungary)

Prof. Otmar KRETTEK (Germany)

Prof. Lajos BORBÁS (Hungary)

International Scientific Committee

Prof. Lajos BORBÁS (Hungary)
Prof. Stefano BRUNI (Italy)
Prof. Otmar KRETTEK (Germany)
Prof. Akira MATSUMOTO (Japan)
Prof. T.X. MEI (United Kingdom)
Prof. Sergey MYAMLIN (Ukraine)
Prof. Oldrich POLACH (Switzerland)
Prof. Christian SCHINDLER (Germany)
Prof. András SZABÓ (Hungary)
Prof. Nalinaksh S. VYAS (India)

The Organising Committee

Dr. Krisztina Bárdos (SSME Resp. Hungary)
Prof. József Csiba (Hungary)
Mr. Tamás Demus (Hungary)
Mr. Péter Ferencz (SSME Resp. Hungary)
Mr. Máté M. Szűcs (Hungary)
Mr. István Németh (Hungary)
Mr. András Schindler (Hungary)
Ms. Orsolya Székely (SSME Resp. Hungary)
Prof. Gergely Tulipánt (Hungary)
Prof. Zoltán Zábori (Hungary)


Registration opens
Contributor registration closes, article abstract submission deadline
ISC response deadline to the submitted abstracts
Hotel room reservation on discounted price availability deadline
Submission deadline of Full Papers
Participation registration closes
Electronic form publishing of the Proceedings with ISBN


If you wish to contribute to the Conference with a lecture, you are kindly requested to send by e-mail your one-page Abstract of the topic to be lectured, clearly indicating also the title, the name of author(s), affiliation, mailing address, Phone numbers, as well as E-mail address.

Download Abstract Form

Abstracts shall be received by 15th June, 2022.

Please also fill in the Registration Form on the Conference webpage. If you wish to use paper form registration by any reason (e.g. Company request), you may download the registration form from the webpage, which please send back to the Organising Committee
addressed to bogie2022@gteportal.eu.

Contributors are required to send their full paper no later then 5th August via e-mail addressed to papers-bogie2022@gteportal.eu.

Download Full Paper Form

The article full paper shall consist of minimum 4, maximum 12 pages.


The Conference participation fee is €750, for contributors only €675, (all indicated fees are excluded VAT – 27%), special fees are available in limited quantities, for which please contact the Organising Committee via e-mail addressed to bogie2022@gteportal.eu), which includes the costs of the abstracts, preliminaries, Conference Reception, lunches, Conference Dinner and the electronic form published Proceedings. The Proceedings will be published in electronic form by the time of the Conference. Paper form will be published after the Conference and mailed to participants who may require (the paper form Proceedings books will be published in a limited quantity, please indicate the aim via the registration form).

If you wish only to listen to the lectures, it is enough to fill in the Registration Form via the Conference webpage (and upon your request, by paper form to send to the Organising Committee) by 5th August, 2022.
If you intend to exhibit, please, send a separate letter to the Organising Committee, naming the exhibition material and indicating the area needed.

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  • 1st and 2nd place registered Participants charged with the full price;
  • 3rd and 4th place registered Participants receive 15% discount from the applicable fee;
  • all other Colleagues from same Company receive 25% discount

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Discount levels to be applied from the relevant applicable fee (can be Participant or Contributor too).
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